Crook’s Surf Essentials was founded by Collin Crook, a native to San Clemente, California where you can find some of the best surf in the country.  Because of Collin’s passion and love for the ocean, he had a vision to create a company that offered a variety of services to spread the same passion and keep people stoked!  Whether you’re a beginner surfer learning how to surf, an intermediate or advanced surfer looking to advance your skill, or a competitive surfer who needs heat strategy coaching, the Crook’s Surf Essentials elite coaching staff can definitely help you!  Damage your surfboard during your session?  No worries!  Our team of highly skilled surfboard repair specialists can make your board as good as new!  If you’re in the market for a new surfboard, look no further!  Crook’s Surf essentials has a variety of boards to choose from, and can shape you a custom board to fit the particular type of wave you surf as well as compliment your surfing style!   For those of you who aren’t very comfortable in the ocean, want to improve your swimming mechanics, or just want to learn how to swim, we offer both pool and ocean swim lessons!  Contact us today and lets get in the water!